Carrito | Associació d'Amics del Martinet. Escola El Martinet, Ripollet
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Friends of Martinet Association

The Association Friends of Martinet is a non profit entity grouping different people highly interested in education and childhood. From 2007 the Association aims to generate a debate and a pedagogical and educational reflection taking the primary and infant school ‘El Martinet‘ as its reference.

The Association regularly organizes a range of training schemes and workshops for teachers and it supports publications and pedagogical study in order to publicly promote a specific image of childhood and defend children’s rights to a quality standard of education.

Our longing and determination leads us to deeply inquire around contemporary pedagogical practices and bond with other professionals, institutions and entities driven by common interests. We feel education needs the work of many exploring ways in which to support our children, their growth and learning from a life trusting and respectful perspective.