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The Association regularly organizes a range of training schemes and workshops for teachers and it supports publications and pedagogical study in order to publicly promote a specific image of childhood and defend children’s rights to a quality standard of education.


Our teaching Encounters allow a first contact with the educational outline of the Infant and Primary School, ‘El Martinet’.


Such encounters aim to reveal the most relevant traits of the school’s project and how these are lived in the everyday classroom.


A broad range of themes are discussed like teacher intervention, the organization of the time and the areas, the materials, the image of the child, the concept of learning and knowledge…as well as other aspects which may outcome from the debate spurred by visiting the school.


The seminars explore into more depth a specific aspect of the teaching practice of ‘El Martinet’ school.


These are oriented to those who already know the school and wish to work on a particular theme or aspect. The seminars aim to generate a debate, understanding how much sharing perspectives enriches the work on each theme.


If you wish to demand or suggest specific training or workshops please write to: