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VERD, DOLÇ, JAZZ. Three perspectives towards ‘El Martinet’

The documentary ‘Verd, dolç, jazz’ was proudly presented in June 2014. ‘Tres mirades vers El Martinet’ (Three perspectives towards ‘El Martinet’) was again another conjunct project between the school and the Friends of Martinet Association.


The documentary narrates from different voices the experience of ‘El Martinet’, the memories of its beginnings, the hopes and the present day projects and future dreams. It also shows the everyday life in the three learning communities that make up the school: the infant Community is voiced by one of the teachers who followed a 5 year old girl for a few days through all her activity in the school, the Middle Community is narrated by a father who recorded what he lived for a few days in the Community and the Elder Community explored by a ten year old girl who recorded her own particular way of watching and seeing the Community of which she forms part.


Directed by  Alfredo Hoyuelos and Marc Bonàs

Screenplay by Alfredo Hoyuelos, Marc Bonàs and Meritxell Bonàs

Coordinated by Mariau Bruguera, Meritxell Bonàs, Aurora Roca, Hilari Pujol, Isabel Trias, Noemí Trullols, Laia Manresa, Quique López.


The documentary has been presented at Donosti, Madrid, València, Mallorca, Eivissa, Màlaga, Pamplona, Alacant and Barcelona.